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Peanuts are the most healthy way to eat, but also anti-cancer, anti-aging and longevity!

Peanuts are the most healthy way to eat, but also anti-cancer, anti-aging and longevity!

Peanut has the name of “longevity fruit”. Whether it is steamed, boiled, fried or stewed in daily life, it is a food with high nutritional value, while other nuts are recommended by health experts.

Today, let’s just say, what are some of the unimaginable nutrients of peanuts?

Why is peanut called “longevity fruit”?

American scientists have found that peanuts contain “resveratrol.”

This substance has strong biological activity, not only can resist royal cancer, but also inhibit platelet aggregation and prevent myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction.

A research team in Huntsville, Alabama, recently found that phytochemicals in peanuts have strong antioxidant properties that prevent cell-borne diseases, including cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Each 100 grams of peanuts also contains zinc 8.

48 mg, can enhance immune function and delay aging.

Therefore, peanuts are known as “longevity fruit” peanuts 3 undoubted nutritional value 1, high protein content, the reputation of egg peanut ownership, about 20 grams per 100 grams of peanuts?
25 grams of protein, is the egg protein content of 1.

2 times.

2, there are 8 kinds of amino acids in the peanuts available for humans with 8 kinds of amino acids, of which arginine content far exceeds other nuts.

Basically, peanuts have a high lysine content.

Lysine is an essential amino acid in the human body. It cannot be synthesized in the body and can only be obtained by food intake.

In rice, the lysine content of wheat flour is very low.

Therefore, if peanuts can be eaten with rice and noodles, they can synergize with each other to enhance the nutritional value of rice and noodles.

3, rich in multivitamins Peanuts also contain a lot of vitamin E, vitamin B, choline and potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and other minerals.

Peanut on the human body’s top 10 health, anti-disease effect of the therapeutic effect on food, less body weakness, malnutrition, hemoptysis, skin purpura, dry stool and other possible therapeutic effects.

Peanut shell can lower blood fat, blood pressure peanut itself has therapeutic effect, even peanut shell is a good thing.

Peanut shell has the effect of lowering blood fat and blood pressure, mainly related to the flavonoids contained.

In addition, peanut shell extract also has antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antitussive and expectorant benefits, but also has a certain effect on lowering cholesterol and relieving atherosclerosis.

Wash the dried peanut shells and decoct with water, taking 50 grams each time?
100 grams, has a certain adjuvant treatment for hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease.

Coagulation Hemostasis Peanut skin contains oils and vitamins, and at the same time, the substance that changes the clotting time can resist the dissolution of fibrin, and has the function of promoting the production of platelets by metabolism. For a variety of bleeding diseases, it not only has a hemostatic effect, but also occurs.Changing the consumption of peanuts can also have a good therapeutic effect on the primary disease of hemorrhagic diseases and promote the normal operation of human hematopoietic function.

However, if you hurt and hurt, the blood stasis will eat too much, there will be blood stasis, and the tumor will be aggravated.

Therefore, in addition to thrombocytopenia, the average person should eat peanuts when eating peanuts, especially those who are elderly or hyperviscosity should be peeled.

Preventing coronary heart disease Peanut oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid, which can decompose plasma in the human body into bile acids.

Avoid cholesterol deposition in the body, reduce the chance of high cholesterol, and prevent coronary heart disease and arteriosclerosis.

The blood-filled peanuts are rich in fatty oil and protein. For those who have insufficient postpartum milk, they have nourishing blood and nourishing blood.

Reduce the risk of intestinal cancer When the soluble fiber in the peanut fiber tissue is absorbed and absorbed by the human body, it will absorb liquid and other substances like a sponge, and then expand into a tape body and excrete with the feces.

When these objects pass through the body, they come into contact with many harmful substances and absorb certain toxins, thereby reducing the accumulation of harmful substances in the body and the toxic effects produced, and reducing the chance of intestinal cancer.

Promote the growth and development of human body. The calcium content in peanuts is extremely high. Calcium is the main component of human bones. Therefore, eating peanuts can promote the growth and development of the human body.

Promote cell development, improve intelligence, peanut protein contains more than ten kinds of amino acids required by the human body, among which lysine transforms children to improve intelligence, glutamate and aspartic acid can promote cell development and enhance brain memory.

The catechins contained in anti-aging anti-aging peanuts have a strong anti-aging effect on the human body, and lysine is also an important component to prevent premature aging.

Runfei cough and peanut are rich in fecal oil, which can play the role of moistening the lungs and coughing peanuts. It is often used for complications such as chronic cough and asthma, sputum and blood.

How is peanuts most nutritious?

NO1: boiled peanuts – the highest efficacy in preventing diseases. A new study in the United States brings good news to people who love to eat peanuts: the amount of chemicals in peanuts that prevent disease is higher than that of flowers, dried peanuts and roasted peanuts.More than 4 times more.
The researchers analyzed the food chemicals in boiled peanuts, fresh flowers, dried peanuts and roasted peanuts and found that the content of boiled peanuts was the highest.

Beneficial chemicals are released at specific points due to water and penetrating peanuts.

Excessive pickling of peanuts, a small amount of fried, roasted, etc., will destroy these beneficial ingredients.
NO2: vinegar soaked peanuts – anti-thrombosis vinegar soaked peanuts have the effect of clearing heat and promoting blood circulation, which has a better effect on protecting blood vessel walls and preventing thrombosis.

Long-term adherence to consumption can lower blood pressure, soften blood vessels, reduce the accumulation of high blood pressure, and is a health food for cardiovascular diseases.

NO3: Germinated peanuts – beauty effect When peanuts are germinated, it is also a good time for high nutritional value. Many nutrients can be activated. At this time, its resveratrol is more than 100 times higher than before.

Resveratrol is a polyphenolic compound, a chemopreventive agent for tumors, and a chemopreventive agent for reducing platelet aggregation, preventing and treating atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

The other 4 recipes for diet: 1, peanut stewed pig’s trotters – relieve constipation.

Peanuts 3 2, 1 pig’s trotters, stewed with soup.

Eat a meal every day, can eat for a week; 2, peanut jujube honey water – lungs and spleen.

Put the red peanuts, jujube, and honey together with 30 grams of water. After frying, you can drink soup, eat dates and peanuts, 2 times a day, and even take 5-7 days. For chronic bronchitis, chronic coughSuch symptoms have a relief effect; 3, peanut stewed squid – relieve edema.

60 grams of peanuts, a joint of squid soup, with a small amount of wine to taste, can alleviate the nutritional edema.

4, peanuts boil water – protect the scorpion.

Take 80 grams of peanuts with red clothes, cook with water, eat peanuts, drink soup, eat 1-2 times a day, have a certain effect on the sound of dumb sound.

Peanuts are good, but not everyone is suitable. These 6 types of people are beyond the peanuts!

1, gout patients: gout is a disease caused by two metabolic disorders of sputum, patients with hyperuricemia.

Because the high-fat diet will reduce uric acid excretion and aggravate the condition, peanuts should be fasted during the acute attack of gout, and the gout can only be eaten in moderation.

2, gallbladder resection: bile is important for the digestion and absorption of adults.

After eating, the gallbladder contracts, and the bile is discharged into the duodenum for digestion and absorption.

High protein and sorghum foods are the most irritating to the gallbladder, causing large amounts of bile to be emitted.

After cholecystectomy, bile can not be stored, which will inevitably affect the digestion of alfalfa in oil crops such as peanuts.

3, gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, chronic enteritis patients: such patients often have chronic abdominal pain, diarrhea or indigestion and other symptoms, diet should be a small amount of meals, light and less oil.

Peanuts are nuts, protein and unfortunately high in content, difficult to digest and absorb, such patients should be fasted.

4, diabetic patients: Diabetes need to control the total energy intake per day, therefore, the use of cooking oil should not exceed three tablespoons (30g) per day.

But 18 peanuts is equivalent to a spoonful of oil (10g), which can produce 90 kcal conversion.

5, patients with hyperlipoproteinemia: irrational diet structure is an important cause of hyperlipoproteinemia, so the principle of diet therapy is to limit, reduce the intake of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol.

Peanuts are sorghum, high-migration foods. Eating more can only aggravate the condition, leading to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, which is life-threatening.

6, bruises: peanuts contain a procoagulant factor.

If you suffer from bruises and blood stasis, you may cause blood stasis and aggravate the symptoms of swelling and pain.

In addition, peanuts are not suitable for people who are losing weight.

Because the amount of traces and traces contained in peanuts is very high, eating two or two fried peanuts is equivalent to eating five and a half gimmicks, so people who want to lose weight should stay away from peanuts.

Peanuts eat two taboos to avoid fried peanuts: peanuts after high-temperature frying and adding a lot of salt to taste, is a high-salt and high-oil food, very unhealthy, but has a role in cardiovascular disease.

Moldy peanuts: Such peanuts are likely to have been infected with aflatoxin, which is one of the main causes of liver cancer and is very harmful to humans.

Aflatoxin is as toxic as 20% arsenic.

Wuhu night half love song to find the taste of love

Wuhu night half love song to find the taste of love

When Penghu appeared like a blue mirror in front of my eyes, I couldn’t help but feel the smashing of seven hours of tiredness and discomfort on the mountain road.

  Is this the “daughter country” I have longed for?

I don’t believe in looking around.

The blue sky, the clear, the sparkling lagoon in the sun, the special wooden house, the black Mosuo people, and the singing voices of men and women looming on the lake, I seem to have come to another world.A quiet, magical, world-free world.

  Strolling along the lake, watching a group of waterfowl flying against the lake, tasting the fresh and delicious grilled fish, let the cool wind sweep across the ear, the mind is as clear and serene as the lake.

Walking slowly, I seem to hear my own soft breathing, echoing the lagoon in the next place.

For a long time, there was no such relaxation, the troubles of the world, all the irritability was gone without a trace here, and only one heart like a newborn baby was singing softly.

  In the afternoon, sitting on a pig trough boat, squatting on the lagoon, the sweat of the Moss’s dark red face in the bow of the boat flickered in the sunlight. He shook his boat and opened his voice: “SmallAmei, Xiao Amei, how can we meet each other?

Madami, Madami.

“Amei at the stern responded with a beautiful song:” Love brother, love brother, have a chance to meet, you are the moonlight, I am the stars.

Madami, Madami.” Love songs flutter in the wind on the surface of the lake.

Feeling this exotic style, I seem to have become a Mosuo Amei. I squatted on the side of the boat and caressed the clear water of the lake. I couldn’t help but sing a few Mosuo love songs I just learned: “SmallAmei, Xiao Amei, Manshan Jinju, you are the most beautiful.

Have a heart to accompany you for a lifetime, and afraid that the white crane is suspected of black pigs.

Madami, Madami.
“The people on the boat laughed, and the blue lake was laughing!”

  In the evening, a bonfire was raised in the Mosuo Garden. Dozens of princes and aunts dressed in costumes, sang and danced passionately, and waved their hands through the music.

The red bonfire reflects their black and red faces, and there is an indescribable, simple, moving beauty.

I don’t understand what they sang, but I feel that the taste of love and the wind on Lake Biwa come together, making people intoxicated.

  Walking out of the Mosuo Park, I found that the night sky on the plateau was so clear, dark blue and dark blue, and it was spotless, as if it had been washed.

The stars in the sky are particularly bright, as if they are ready to pick.

The lagoon under the starlight seems to be asleep, quiet, beautiful, and unsettled; time seems to be reluctant to fall in love with the beauty here.

  The night is getting deeper, and the fire is slowly extinguished. The love song of Mosuo Age Amei has already gone.

Maybe they are getting married?

Thinking of the magical legends of “Daughter Country”, I thought about the countless times I yearn for Penghu, thinking of the beautiful love like Penghu, in a wooden house on the shore of Lake Biwa, resting on the quiet Penghu, I am thisThe southern woman, who had not had an altitude sickness for the first time in six days since she left home, dreamed of falling into a dream.

How to breathe long distance is more conducive to fitness

How to breathe long distance is more conducive to fitness

Long-distance running is a sport with a large amount of activity and a long duration.

During long-distance running, because the muscle activity time, the required oxygen increases, so the respiratory rate must be greatly accelerated. In this case, if the breathing method is not properly mastered, it can not promote the gas exchange and blood circulation in the body better.Fatigue occurs prematurely and it is difficult to finish the expected distance.

Sometimes it can cause inflammation of the respiratory organs, sore throat or coughing.

  So, how to breathe is more conducive to fitness?

Some people say that they should breathe through the nose and can’t breathe with their mouths. Some people say that it is not enough to breathe with the nose, but also have to use the mouth to breathe, so that the nose and mouth can be used together.

Both of these arguments have some truth, but it depends on the application of the long-distance running, but also depends on the speed of running.

  Usually, when you start at the beginning of a long-distance run or run very slowly, especially when you are practicing long-distance running or top wind running in the winter, you should use your nose to breathe.

Because there are abundant blood vessels in the nasal cavity, it can raise the temperature of the passing air; the nasal mucosa secretes liquid, which can improve the humidity of the passing air; the secretion of nasal hair and nasal mucosa can also block, remove dust and bacteria, and the respiratory tract.Play a certain role in protection.

Breathing with the mouth, although it can absorb more air, but the cold air enters the trachea and throat in large quantities, which is easy to cause cough, bronchitis and abdominal pain.

Inhaling the mouth will inhale the dust and bacteria in the air directly into the body, which is also likely to cause other diseases.

  However, after running a certain distance or speeding up, especially in long-distance running, the ventilation per unit time is several times to several tens of times more than when it is quiet, and only breathing with the nose can not meet the needs, and the suffocation is uncomfortable.You must add your mouth to breathe.

  Use both mouth and nose. It is important to note that you can’t breathe with a big mouth. Otherwise, you should snuff your mouth and use your mouth to exhale.

The method of speaking is: the mouth is slightly open, the teeth are gently bitten, the tip of the tongue is rolled up, and the upper jaw is slightly clamped, so that the air is squeezed out from the teeth.

When breathing, pay attention to uniformity and rhythm.

Breathing should be short and powerful, with appropriate depth; inhalation should be slow and even.

  Breathing should also be closely coordinated with the footwork to better meet the body’s need for oxygen, and it will feel light and natural when running.

The method of cooperation should be two steps and one call, then two steps and one breath; or three steps and one call, and three more steps.

When the speed is accelerated or the end of the game is sprinted, the depth and rhythm of breathing can be deepened and accelerated by the acceleration of the pace.

What do men eat kidney kidney 5 kidney recipes

What do men eat kidney kidney 5 kidney recipes

Sea cucumber porridge: 50 grams of sea cucumber (chopped), the previous rice 100 grams, with the boiled porridge, add the above onion ginger salt to taste.

It has the functions of nourishing kidney and replenishing essence, nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and is suitable for physical weakness caused by kidney deficiency and yin deficiency, weak waist and knees, insomnia and night sweats.

Pork loin porridge: 10 grams of medlar, pig kidney one (to the endometrium, chopped), has 100 grams of rice, onion ginger salt seasoning, with boiled porridge.

Beneficial kidney yin and kidney yang, solid and strong waist effect, suitable for kidney deficiency strain, yin and yang caused by lumbar pain, weak waist and knees, weak legs, dizziness, tinnitus, etc., this side is more classic in the kidney deficiency diet roomOne party.

10 grams of Cistanche, one of the waist of the sheep (to the endometrium, chopped), has been 100 grams of rice, with the same boiled porridge.

It has the functions of invigorating the kidney and helping the yang, benefiting the essence and laxative. It is suitable for the cold and cold limbs caused by kidney yang deficiency in middle and old age, cold and pain in the waist and knee, frequent urination, nouria at night, constipation, etc.The classic side.
Antler rubber porridge: 6 grams of antler gum, 100 grams of previous rice, after the previous rice is cooked into porridge, the staghorn gum is broken into hot porridge to dissolve, add sugar to the amount.

It has the functions of tonifying kidney and yang, benefiting essence and blood, and is suitable for kidney yang deficiency, body thinness caused by blood deficiency, waist and knees, pain, and nocturnal emission.

Eucommia ulmoides: 12 grams of Eucommia ulmoides, decoction and filtration, a pair of pork loin, go to the endometrium, cut into the waist, use the Eucommia ulmoides liquid to make the seasoning juice, add the onion ginger salt and stir-fry.

It has the functions of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and lowering blood pressure. It is suitable for kidney deficiency and low back pain caused by liver and kidney deficiency in middle-aged and old people. It is weak in waist and knee, dizziness and tinnitus, and high blood pressure.

Stir-fried walnuts: 10 grams of walnuts, fried chewing.

It has the function of tonifying the kidney and warming the lungs, and relies on laxative effect. It is suitable for kidney deficiency, low back pain, or weak cold cough and constipation.

The above recipes are suitable for men to tonify the kidneys. If men can continue to eat these kidney-supplemented foods for a long time, I believe that kidney deficiency and kidney deficiency can be cured soon.

Convenient assistant in the car: quick-setting urine bag

“Convenient” assistant in the car: quick-setting urine bag

Middle-aged and old friends, have you ever encountered a long-distance traffic jam or a self-driving tour, because of the long traffic jams, waiting for you to wait and feel helpless?
If you just endure it painfully, the harm to the body is very big.
  The elderly suffer from urinary retention. Because the bladder neck and posterior urethra are often in a state of congestion and edema, if men have prostate hyperplasia and women have bladder neck hyperplasia and other lesions, they will induce urinary retention.
In this way, even if you want to urinate, it can not be discharged, which can cause urinary system diseases, such as urinary tract infection, cystitis, nephritis, nerve damage and so on.
Diarrhea can also cause physical and psychological stress, increase blood pressure in patients with hypertension, arrhythmia in patients with coronary heart disease, and even angina pectoris. This is tantamount to oiling the elderly in patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
  Prostatic hypertrophy is a common disease in the elderly. If you urinate for a long time, the already enlarged prostate is even more miserable.
It can be seen that if the urination problem cannot be solved in time, it will bring much trouble.
  Now, just a small and convenient “quick bag” can solve this problem.
It is easy to operate. When using it, use the middle and forefinger to put it into the urine bag and lift the ear.
After the urine enters, it can be cured in more than 10 seconds.
Generally, the capacity of the urine bag is 600 ml, and it can be used multiple times before it is saturated.
  Because the inside of the bag is made of high-molecular water-absorbing material, the urine enters the quick-setting urine bag and becomes a solid state and absorbs the odor.
So you don’t have to worry about sprinkling and it will not pollute the air.
After use, use the rope of the bag to fasten it, you can place it in the car at will, then discard it and then discard it in the garbage bin. Finally, it can be completely degraded, safe and environmentally friendly.
  In addition to the emergency use in the car, the quick-setting urine bag is also a very practical urinary aid for the elderly with urgent urinary incontinence.

Five places where bacteria are dense

Five places where bacteria are dense

The number of bacteria on the desktop in the office is 400 times higher than the number of bacteria in the toilet. For your own health, you have to list yourself a list of sterilizations.

  In the telephone office, everyone has almost their own phone, but others will borrow it temporarily.

When making a call, spray it through the mouth to the telephone microphone; dial the button: the hands of thousands of people touched in turn; the handset: everyone put it on their ears.

One by one, the phone became a potential bacterial bomb.

  Before going to work every morning, wipe the chassis and microphone of the phone with a clean soft cloth.

Wash the entire phone with sterile cotton every other month.

Try to avoid letting others use your phone.

  Due to the construction of the keyboard, there are many places in the gap that we can’t disinfect or clean at all.

In those gaps, or the remaining snacks we have eaten, or the water that has been drunk by the carriers, the sprayed droplets, these things are endangering your health at any time, and you are not aware of it, still use it every day.Hands tap on it, sometimes for the entire day.

  Try not to eat food at the computer desk, which is the most direct way to avoid keyboard breeding.

In addition, it is also essential to wipe your keyboard regularly.

Please try not to let other people use it on a private computer.

  Have you ever thought about the door, the customer, the property staff, the door-to-door salesman, the courier, the food delivery. The doorknob that they touch with hundreds of hands is also the contact you must touch every day.

On this door handle, which is used frequently, it is contaminated with tens of thousands of bacteria from different places and becomes the chief culprit in the spread of bacteria.

  Please remember to wash your hands or wipe your hands with a disinfectant towel after entering or exiting the gate.

If possible, have the company’s hygienic cleaning staff clean and disinfect the doors and other access door handles for at least two hours.

  Don’t underestimate the thin blanket under your feet, it is a good place to hide dirt.

There are countless gaps between the fibers of the carpet, which can be used for a variety of bacteria.

The temperature and humidity of the carpet can make the bacteria recover and grow, thus maximizing the health of the office population.

There are many people suffering from so-called carpet allergies or rhinitis, which are actually caused by long-term harassment of bacteria in the carpet.

  At least every month, a dedicated carpet cleaner should perform an overall cleaning of the carpet and a deep cleaning in 3 months.

If you have to overturn food or drink on the carpet, you should also clean it locally.

Some powerful vacuum cleaners that can suck mites can effectively clean the carpet.

  Calculator For the people working in the finance department, the calculator is the same public tool, and it is also indispensable.

As with the keyboard, the cleanliness of the calculator is unconcerned. The bacteria on these calculators are beyond your imagination and may threaten your life.

  Please apply for a calculator by yourself, which is not an expensive office item after all.

As with the keyboard, don’t use it while eating.

Wipe it with a sterile paper towel every day when you go to work.