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Vegetarian diet, there are ways to lose weight, eat this vegetarian congee

Vegetarian diet, there are ways to lose weight, eat this vegetarian congee

Effective people think that as long as they don’t eat meat, eating vegetarian food can lose weight. Is this really true?

In fact, eating vegetarian diet must pay attention to methods and avoid mistakes, so that you can truly achieve healthy vegetarian diet.

Let’s take a look at how to avoid the misunderstanding of vegetarian diet.

And what is the right way to lose weight properly?

. The diet misunderstanding of vegetarian diet is as good as all vegetables: there are many ways to lose weight, you should choose your own method, so that the final weight loss effect will occur.

For the strict vegetarians, the nutritional significance of vegetables is more important. In addition to the burden of supplying vitamin C and carotene, it also contributes to iron, calcium, folic acid and vitamin B2. Therefore, it must be properly selected.Green vegetable is one of the most outstanding vegetables in these nutrients, such as kale, green cauliflower, leeks, spinach, small rapeseed, and wormwood.

  In order to increase the supply of protein, mushroom vegetables and fresh bean vegetables are good choices, such as various mushrooms, edamame, fresh peas and so on.

If you only like a few so-called “slimming vegetables” such as cucumber, tomato, tomato, melon, bitter gourd, it is difficult to get enough nutrients.

  ”Soy oil” is better than animal oil: weight loss awareness is also very important, especially in the diet, you should pay attention to your own diet rules.

Your excess vegetarians think that as long as the animal food ingredients are excluded, they are foods with high nutritional value.

Usually, a large number of processed foods are made from plant-based raw materials, but mainly made of polished rice and white flour, which removes the supplementary fiber and adds oil, sugar or salt, and cannot replace fresh natural food.The health effect.

  In response to people’s preference for vegetarian and vegetal foods, some products even use “plant cream” as a promotional point, and in terms of the effect on blood lipids, such “oil” is worse than animal oil.

Numerous studies have confirmed that the “hydrogenated vegetable oil” component contained in these products will re-“trans fatty acids”, which will greatly increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and may also harm the health of the brain.

  Next, recommend a vegetarian diet recipe for everyone.

  Vegetarian weight loss porridge fresh fruit oatmeal: prepare the ingredients, and then start making.

The ingredients for making fresh fruit oatmeal are apple and oatmeal, kiwi and cherry, banana, fresh milk, and raisins.

Then you can start cooking.

Initially cut all the fruits.

Burn the pot of water, add oatmeal porridge, not too long, about 3 minutes.

Cook it and pour it in a bowl.

Put the fruit in the oatmeal, pour the fresh milk, sprinkle with the raisins, and do it.

  The effect of this porridge beauty is good, it is able to lose weight.

The weight loss effect is very good.

Oatmeal has low sugar content and high nutritional value, which helps digestion of food.

It is especially suitable for breakfast, adding cherry, banana and kiwi fruit and other weight-loss fruits, which can make this porridge more nutritious and give full play to weight loss and beauty effects.

  Honey weight loss porridge: honey can be beauty, but also to lose weight.

Honey can be used for beauty while helping to lose weight.

Especially suitable for those who love sweets and want to lose weight.

Moreover, there are cockroaches in the porridge, which is good for nourishing the liver and nourishing the kidneys. It is just a kind of slimming porridge, or a health porridge.

  The materials used have the right amount of honey, glutinous rice, some rice and glutinous rice, honey weight loss porridge, is a good choice.

After the rice and glutinous rice are washed, the rice is soaked to swell, then poured out and drained and boiled until the rice grains bloom, then add honey, sugar, and mix well.

When you are out of the pan, add some simmer and cook for another five minutes.

The delicious honey slimming porridge was made successfully.

  If you want to lose weight with vegetarian diet, try the above recipes.

How much is the sweet potato corn to eat?

How much is the sweet potato corn to eat?

Let me tell you the story: Everyone is paying more attention to healthy eating now. When they go to the buffet, many people will eat less rice, add more sweet potatoes, corn and even chestnuts. They think they are all coarse grains and they are healthier.

And on the road, you will see a stall selling corn or sweet potatoes everywhere. When you are hungry, you can buy one, and the effect of hunger is also very good.

But the problem is that many people do not have the concept of “quantity” when eating these foods. They often use it as a snack and how much they can eat.

In fact, although they are all low-fat and high-fiber foods, if they eat too much, they will also gain weight.

  Then again: This staple food is a carbohydrate, it is easily absorbed by the body, and the conversion is not low.

There is a standard that is easy to remember, a plain 10 cm sweet potato or a corn, which is equivalent to half a bowl of rice.

The degeneration of chestnuts is higher, and two chestnuts are equivalent to the conversion of a bowl of rice.

So be sure to take a break when you eat, especially those who eat them as snacks.

  In general, corn and sweet potatoes are more suitable as staple foods, and the sense of fullness is stronger.

It should be noted that if you eat while eating, you should avoid eating other starchy foods to avoid obesity.

Old-age tourism has to pay attention to

Old-age tourism has to pay attention to

Many elderly and middle-aged elderly people do not travel with the group. They like to travel with each other. They are free and unrestrained.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the famous mountains and taste the delicious food.

  The FIT tour means that the old wife and the old wife are paired in pairs, and the old friends are accompanied by groups of three and five.

No matter which form, it is inevitable that the loss of property will be caused by the sudden fall into the “trap”, or the troubles caused by the “dumping” caused by paralysis.

Therefore, you must keep your mind on the way and do a “Zhuge Liang” beforehand.

  Plan ahead to save money. Ticket prices in various places are now prohibitively high.

A little famous spot is a few dozen yuan, hundreds of yuan.

Once the tour is over, the attraction fee is two years higher than the cost of the boat.

For retired veteran comrades, many places have provisions for replacement or partial exemption based on old age certificates.

Some people do not know that there is this preferential treatment; forget to bring the old age card.

At this time, you can call the family to send them “speed” in different places.

In addition, some attractions have traveled in the past, and you don’t have to pay a “full fee” when you join a local group.

You don’t want to revisit the old place, you can squat outside the door, buy some favorite souvenirs, pass the time and save money.

  ”Scheduled” meals have to pay attention to the experience of the author, “fixed” restaurants are generally small, expensive, dirty, chaotic.

Although it can be ordered, it is not worthwhile.

Nowadays, the civilian restaurants are a lot of competition, and the competition is fierce. Most of them pay attention to the quality, price and service of the food.

You can eat light and delicious at a nearby restaurant. It costs enough for one person to spend 10 yuan, and does not delay the “going on the road.”

  ”When the shot is taken, it is a trip to travel. It is a human nature to play well and save money.”

But it is more important for the frail elderly to save energy than to save money.

For example, travel to Taihu Lake.

Tickets are 60 yuan, 50 yuan two, many young people buy 50 yuan, and then rushing to the destination, happily along the way, talking and laughing.

It is best for the elderly to buy 60 yuan because of “value for money.”

After buying the ticket, walk 200 meters, and soon take a small and exquisite, luxury “French small train.”

Come back and sit again.

If you save 10 yuan, you need to run 6 kilometers more, more than an hour, get back pain, panting, exhausted.

  The most common “flashing” of some older people is not as good as before, often lost.

There is a certain kind of “flash” that occurs in travel; l.

Put medicine bags or plastic bags that can’t be separated every day, such as disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, on the coach near the stop.

Sometimes, in order to take more passengers, the travel agency uses tourists to enter the park and go out to other places.

Two people in a car, it is inevitable to take the wrong thing.

Although there is no loss of property, but the medicine has been taken away, it is too late to buy it temporarily, and the health of the body is affected. It is conceivable.


As the saying goes: “It is difficult to buy money and look back.”

When you leave the accommodation room, be sure to check it carefully. There is nothing in the bathroom, in the slippers, under the pillow.


Don’t put the bag on the ground when you take pictures. It may be that when you have a lot of people, you can look back and fly away.


It is best to go out with a small luggage cart.If you come back to work, you should keep it yourself before you leave the station. Don’t ask untrustworthy people or fake waiters to “do it for you.”

Humidity is weak?

Summer dampness tips

Humidity is weak?
Summer dampness tips

In the summer, there are many, many, at the same time, there are poor appetite, thin stools, thicker tongue and other symptoms, we can think that the body is heavy.

  ”Damp weight” is very simple to say, that is, there is more water in the body. For example, people who are relatively fat and swollen may have wet weight.

Wet is a “tangible evil” with heavy, filthy, sticky characteristics. Wet is a performance of falling. It often manifests as edema of the feet. When you go there, you want to find a place to sit down, lie down, and fall asleep easily.No physical problems were found during the physical examination.

This is a manifestation of heavy moisture.

  Why is it heavy?

There are two possibilities: one is external humidity, entering the rainy season, the rainy season is more rainy, the air is above, so this is the internal humidity; the second is the internal humidity, which is caused by the spleen deficiency in the body, which can be tempered by the conditioning.If you remove the wetness from your body, you won’t feel tired.

Summer dampness has the skill, the more lazy, the more people who want to exercise, the heavy weight of the body is the greasy, lack of exercise.

These people often feel heavy, and their limbs are weak and unwilling to move, but the more they do not love sports, the more moisture they deposit in the body. Over time, it will inevitably lead to moisture attacking the spleen and causing a series of deformations.

  Exercise can relieve stress, promote the functioning of body organs, and accelerate the excretion of moisture.

Running, walking, swimming, yoga, tai chi and other sports can help activate blood circulation and increase water metabolism.

Diet The right amount of gastrointestinal system is related to nutrition and water metabolism. The best way is to have a proper amount and a balanced diet.

Greasy foods such as fat and thick taste are not easy to digest, and it is easy to cause bloating and inflammation in the stomach.

Sweets and fry can cause peroxides in the body and increase the inflammatory response.

  Cold food, iced or cold fruits and vegetables will make the digestion and absorption function of the stomach stagnant. It is not suitable for regular consumption, such as lettuce, salad, watermelon, Chinese cabbage, bitter gourd, etc. It is best to add onion and ginger during cooking to reduce the cold of vegetables.cold.

Avoiding the moisture of the environment We have moisture in our body. In addition to our own metabolic problems, a large part is related to the environment.

Frequently in the front, cold environment, it is easy to cause moisture to invade the body.

  Pay attention to the following matters in daily life: 1.

Do not sleep directly on the floor.

The floor is heavy and easy to invade the body, causing sore limbs.


Reduce going out around rainy days.


Don’t wear dark, dry clothes, don’t cover the quilt above, dry your body after bathing, and dry your hair.


If the humidity in the room is very heavy, it is recommended to open the window to breathe.

If the outside air is also heavy, you can also turn on the fan, air conditioning, and keep the air convection through these appliances.

Wonderful use of onions, ginger, garlic, ginger, garlic is only a common seasoning in the home, but also has irreplaceable medicinal value.

For example, we can try to cook a bowl of hot ginger soup at home, use the wonderful effect of ginger soup to force out the body’s moisture, and after the body has sweated, it will improve. This method is also suitable for rain.After the prevention of colds.

  In summer, the whole body is weak, the tongue is white, and the friends with thin stools should pay attention to dampness, the diet should be light, and the greasy food must be eaten less, and develop a good habit of exercise.

It is recommended to choose fresh squid from the dampness soup and damp squid soup. After treatment, use the oil to fry the sides, then boil the soup with boiling water and cook it into a white milky shape.

Then add 3 grams of Amomum villosum, 3 grams of dried tangerine peel, 20 grams of coriander, 10 grams of ginger, and roll for a minute.

Fish-like Ganping, which is not dry, is good for spleen and dehumidification, and is also rich in nutrients. It is more suitable for people with heavy moisture in summer.

Yam glutinous rice soup instead of yam 15 grams, 芡 ( (also known as chicken head rice) 15 grams, fried glutinous rice 15 grams, fried lentils 15 grams, 12 grams of northern carp, 10 grams of Atractylodes, 200 grams of pork ribs.

Soak the yam with water first to remove the smell of sulphur.

The lentils and glutinous rice are fried in a wok until slightly yellow, and the pork ribs are washed with blood and smashed, and the scorpion, the scorpion, the northern scorpion, the atractylodes are washed with water, and then all the materials are placed in the soup, and after 90 minutes with the medium heat,Season it.

This soup is spleen and awake, and it is anti-fatigue effect. It is especially suitable for the spleen and dampness.(Some articles, image source network)

Still we have a simple life

Still we have a simple life

Suddenly, one day, a quick life.

  I don’t know when we started, our life has become overwhelmed, and we are busy with us. No matter what kind of cloud is light and windy, the birds and flowers make us leave a sneak peek, let alone stop and follow the roadside.The scenery is gone.

  Everyone is eager for a perfect and successful life, with a vigorous career accompanied by applause and flowers, a healthy body bathing in the spring breeze and the sun. just a nine-to-five boring job, a trivial life chores, a frustration in the face of frustration. three meals a day, rice, oil, salt, housing, disease, and so on, let us be enemies, life has become as heavy as Taishan.

  Look at the complex world around you, everywhere is a trap of temptation, and it is intriguing.

You can’t see my face, and I can’t guess your heart.

Then “man-made fortune, birds for food and death” is a matter of righteousness, “people are not for themselves, and the heavens are destroyed.”

  Right and wrong, success or failure, gains and losses; loss, frustration, loss of ambition; impetuous age, impetuous world, impetuous people.

  Also we have a simple life!

  Don’t deliberately ideals, don’t be illusory, as long as you are steady on the ground, as long as you are calm and indifferent; you don’t care about the success or failure of your career, and don’t care about the gains and losses of money.

Happiness is the most important.

The peace of mind determines a positive and positive confidence, and no matter how lonely it is, it will not end the dead end.

What is the ability to be a sergeant?

  Starry sky, thousands of lights.

A pot of steaming hot pot, a red fire, a family of people watching TV, a little joy can make countless people yearn and moved.

  In all the living, I have a decent job, a harmonious family, and a healthy body.

  Maybe we can’t do it. “Being insulted and stunned, watching the flowers bloom before the court; staying unintentionally, with the sky outside the clouds.”

“But it’s raining and windy, working and dressing, and I’m so happy.

Because it is simple, it is happy; because it is simple, I am moved.

Drug weight loss is highly concerned by users

Drug weight loss is highly concerned by users

After trying to eat, exercise and other measures can not effectively lose weight, many people turned their attention to diet pills, but they are full of doubts: “Can I use diet pills?

“, “Is there any adverse reaction to diet pills?”

“,” What issues should I pay attention to during use?

“.One question: How does diet pills work? Currently, the nationally recognized prescription weight-loss drugs are Orlistat (trade name: Xenical), and sibutramine (trade name: Qumei, Aoqu light), can show, Qu Ting) 2 kinds.

The weight loss effects of these two diet pills are different.

  Orlistat is a micro-enzyme inhibitor of the gastrointestinal tract, which can reduce the amount of micro-enzyme absorbed from the human body to control the transfer and reduce weight.

Sibutramine is a central appetite suppressant that induces the brain to “satisfy” or “do not think about eating” instructions to achieve a controlled diet.

  Second question: Does the diet pills have any adverse reactions? All drugs have certain adverse reactions, so don’t take them blindly.

Among them, orlistat acts on the intestines in a small amount, and hardly enters the bloodstream, so the adverse reactions are small, but there are still inflated gas in the body, abdominal pain, stool and other gastrointestinal tracts that cannot react, and even affect fat-soluble vitamins, potassium, etc.absorb.

  Therefore, Orlistat should pay attention to the supplement of vitamins and minerals during use, and it is not suitable for long-term application.

In addition to causing dry mouth, blurred vision, dizziness, sweating, sleep disorders and migraine, sibutramine causes adverse cardiovascular reactions such as palpitations, tachycardia, arrhythmia, and hypertension.

  It is also important to note that the use of diet pills containing ephedra is prohibited in the United States because ephedra can increase the burden on the heart and can lead to death.

“Every year on January 7 this year, production is prohibited, and the use of diet pills containing fenfluramine hydrochloride is prohibited.

“Orlistat and sibutramine are prescription drugs, which must be purchased on the doctor’s prescription and taken as prescribed.

In order to reduce or avoid adverse reactions, it is generally necessary to start taking the drug from a small dose and gradually increase the amount until the most suitable dose, so as to achieve the purpose of effectively reducing body weight and minimizing adverse reactions.

  Three questions: Some people can use weight loss medicinal weight loss drugs to strictly control the indications, to understand whether they need to use diet pills, suitable for the use of alternative drugs and other issues, preferably under the guidance of a specialist.

Specifically, you can take diet pills in the following situations.

  First, learn to calculate the standard weight[height (cm) -100]× 0.


When your actual weight is more than 20% of the standard weight, the real fat is counted.

Otherwise, don’t overdo you, and don’t have to rely on medicine to lose weight.

Only those with moderate to severe overweight of more than 30% can consider taking diet pills while paying attention to diet regulation and exercise.

  In fact, if you have a strict diet control and exercise therapy, if you start to lose weight, but for various reasons, the weight increases after half a year.

At this time, it is more appropriate to take a weight-loss drug in combination with treatment.

  For those who have difficulty in controlling diet, such as those with excessive peptic ulcer, they can also add weight-loss drugs to consolidate weight loss.

However, people who have had high blood pressure surgery or patients with biliary tract disease do not use orlistat to lose weight.

  Four questions: When taking diet pills, you should pay attention to what to take when you take diet pills. You should pay attention to the balance between weight loss and adverse reactions. When choosing a drug treatment, you should weigh the pros and cons and avoid long-term medication.

  Specifically, the drug must first be selected under the guidance of a professional doctor.

Depending on the patient’s condition (such as cardiovascular function, presence or absence of digestive diseases, mental status, etc.), the doctor will decide whether to take medication or replace the dose-changing diet pills to help them avoid the adverse effects of adverse drug reactions.

  Of course, different people should be treated differently.

Adolescents need to undergo strict and strict screening before they can use drugs, and they must strictly abide by the guardians to avoid the lack of nutrition affecting normal growth and development.

Weight loss drugs that can suppress appetite in pregnant and lactating women, in order to prevent fetal development and child growth.

Excessive people with high blood pressure, high blood pressure or obese liver should be careful when choosing diet pills.

  Also pay attention to drug interactions.

Because most appetite suppressants can cause high blood pressure, which can affect the effect of antihypertensive drugs, the initial use of diet pills is 4?
Blood pressure should be monitored weekly for 6 weeks.

In patients who have used eugenin, selegiline, griseofulvin, isoniarine, etc. within 2 weeks, it is forbidden to use an appetite suppressant to prevent hypertensive crisis.

  Third, we must pay attention to medication monitoring.
The weight should be monitored before taking the medicine and taking the medicine. It is better if the blood sugar and blood lipids can be detected at the same time.
Based on the monitoring results, help adjust the dosage of the drug.

When to add or stop the drug, it should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

Eating cheese every day can strengthen your teeth and prevent aging

Eating cheese every day can strengthen your teeth and prevent aging

Snacks are a favorite of many women. When you are happy, you can eat them when you are not happy. Why is there such a big magic?

  Psychologists believe that, naturally, the mechanism of eating snacks and self-touching behavior is the same.

The purpose of eating snacks is not only to meet the need for hunger, but to ease the tension and eliminate the inner conflict.

  When the food comes into contact with the skin of the mouth, implanting it can send a feeling message to the brain center through the skin nerve to create a comfort, so that the person can eliminate the inner loneliness by contact with the external object; replace, when the mouth touches the foodWhen doing chewing and swallowing movements, people can shift the attention center of tension and anxiety, and create another excitement zone in the feeding center of the brain, so that the tension can be suppressed and eventually the body can be relieved.

  It is not easy to sit in the boring office space for 7,000 hours, but also to think about the problem, so to reduce the pressure on work or to think about agility, the brain needs to replenish nutrients in time, press the small snacks placed in it.Can play a role.

  Office beauty has many years of research on snacks, and also summed up some of their own snacks.

“The rich nutrients, sugar and trace relative content are ideal snacks for everyday life.

For example, low-fat cheese, thick fiber biscuits or general chocolate biscuits, less sweet breads and sandwiches, and the like.

If it is not very dry, dried fruits such as raisins, apricots and figs are also good choices.

In addition, there are apple slices or banana slices.

These foods are fragrant and crispy, but they are not continuously supplemented. Instead, they are dried at a high temperature to dry the water of the fruit. The nutrient loss is small, and the trace amount and the small amount can also be used.


Sunflower seeds: You can raise your face.

Sunflower seeds contain protein, traces, multivitamins and minerals, of which linoleic acid is especially abundant.

Linoleic acid helps keep the skin tender and prevents dryness and pigmentation.


Peanut: It can prevent skin diseases.

Vitamin B2, which is rich in peanuts, happens to be one of the vitamins that are moderately deficient in the daily income of residents.

Therefore, it is intended to eat more peanuts, and can supplement the deficiency of vitamin B2 in daily supplements, and cause cleft lip, red eyes and itchy eyes, seborrheic dermatitis and other diseases.


Walnut: Can be a show.

Walnut is rich in auxin, which makes the nail firm and not easy to crack. At the same time, the vegetable protein is replaced by walnut, which can promote the growth of nails.

Eating walnuts often helps the nails to show their toughness.


Jujube: Prevent scurvy.

The content of vitamin C in jujube is very rich, and it is considered by nutritionists as “live vitamin C pills”.

If vitamin C is lacking in anticipation, people will feel fatigue and even develop scurvy.


Cheese: solid teeth.

Cheese is the “rich mine” of calcium, which makes the teeth strong.

Nutritionists have shown through research that an adult who eats 15
0 grams of cheese a day can help achieve the goal of being old.


Fig: promote blood circulation.

The fig contains a chemical similar to aspirin.

It can change the blood and increase the flow of blood, so that the blood supply to the brain is sufficient.


Pumpkin seeds and pistachios: saturated unsaturated fatty acids, carotene, peroxides and enzymes, etc., proper consumption can ensure blood flow to the brain, making people feel refreshed and radiant.

Toffee: Sugar, calcium, proper feeding can supplement brain energy, refreshing, moisturizing skin.

Chocolate: It has a pleasant and cosmetic effect, and it can produce the same body reaction substance as when you say love.


Sesame paste: There are black hair, moisturizing hair, nourishing blood, symptomatic eating can cause white hair, hair loss, making hair bright and beautiful.


Raisins: good gas, blood, and beauty benefits, but pay attention to hygiene.


Mint candy: It can moisten the throat, in addition to bad breath, scattered fire, it makes people clear throat.


Vitamins, vitamin C, can slow down or break down the synthesis of melanin, whiten skin, is an alkaline food, can keep the blood neutral or weakly alkaline, thus having fitness and beauty effects.


Beef jerky, grilled fillets: protein, iron, zinc, etc., suitable for eating skin rosy.

Milk drink: It is rich in milk and sometimes strengthens vitamins and trace elements. It is one of the nutritious drinks.

Old people should choose chicken

Old people should choose chicken

Eat more food and less exercise to make the chicken fat. According to the British research results, the protein content decreased, the trace content increased, it does reflect to some extent that the nutrition of chicken is not as good as before.

This situation is in any country, and China is no exception.

  In order to increase production efficiency and speed up the growth of broilers, some chicken farms often change the content and proportion of nutrients in the feed.

The food has changed, and the nutritional structure of the chicken will naturally change.

At the same time, the growth rate is fast, the bifurcation of the chicken will increase, the nutrient concentration will inevitably decrease, and the protein drop will be inevitable.

In addition, raising chickens pays attention to “eat more and move more meat”, and lack of exercise will inevitably lead to an increase in the feces content of chicken.

  Chicken is still a healthy food Chinese people have always regarded chicken as a healthy food. Nowadays, chicken protein is less and more, is it no nutrition?

In fact, 姨 is not completely useless.

First, it is an essential nutrient that provides the body with the daily doses required.

However, the aunts in chicken can be divided into two types: one is the abdominal fat that is free in the abdominal cavity, which is the general astringent; the other is the aunt that is sandwiched in the meat, mainly phospholipids.

Studies have shown that phospholipids contribute to brain mental development, and proper eating is good for health.

  At present, all domesticated livestock and poultry are faced with the problem of increasing growth rate and relatively lower nutrient content.

With pigs, cattle, and mutton grades, chickens are still slightly better at nutrient content such as protein.

  In order to improve the resistance of livestock, poultry and the treatment of diseases, people often give antibiotics to chickens, pigs, etc. when they are raised.

In these animals, the drug residues in the poultry will enter the human body through the food chain. After accumulation, the body may develop certain resistance.

Therefore, the breeder should try to reduce the amount of medication, and the relevant departments should also strengthen the detection of chicken.

  Nowadays, many chickens like to eat chicken. One is because it has good meat taste. The other is that the chickens eat grains and small insects. They are natural, pollution-free feeds with high nutritional value.

However, in fact, there is no substantial difference in the nutritional composition between the chicken and the broiler. It is only that the antibiotics in the chicken are relatively relative. From this point of view, it is more beneficial to health.

  Usually, you can use the old hen to cook soup.

This is a better kind of chicken eating method, which can fully release the nutrients in the meat into the soup, which is more conducive to human body absorption.

However, the content of cockroaches in old hens is high, and it is best for the elderly and those with high blood lipids to eat less.

In addition, many people love to eat white pheasant, but the practice is often unfamiliar, not conducive to gastrointestinal absorption, there are problems such as excessive bacteria, or eat less.

What is the meaning of Qi?

Traditional Chinese medicine says “qi”

What is the meaning of Qi?
Traditional Chinese medicine says “qi”

The “qi” in traditional Chinese medicine is a unique concept in Chinese traditional culture. The ancient Chinese believed that everything is generated by gas, and the concept of Qi is perfectly integrated into the theory of Chinese medicine.
So what is anger?
Traditional Chinese medicine believes that gas is a substance. This is because the predecessors cannot understand the existence of gas, such as the invisible gas, so they think that gas is “the most basic substance in the universe” and also introduces the meaning of “qi”, such as the wind.Because they don’t know the gas flow forms the wind.
Especially recognized by people is the development of Qigong.
In modern times, with the development of science and the development of Chinese medicine theory.
Many people have started scientific inquiry. Some of them are: gas is energy, gas is material flow, gas is unified field, etc., but these theories can be broken without any theoretical basis.
The reason why the problem is difficult to crack is because the theory of Chinese medicine is entangled with traditional understanding and traditional theory.
Our Chinese medicine theorists do not have the experience of practicing Qigong, and our qigong masters do not understand the philosophy of science.
“Qi” is the concentration of attention on the inside of the body, and it is the feeling of the nervous system that exists on the human body.
In general, human perception mainly comes from sight, smell, hearing and touch.
But contrary to these perception systems, there are also sensory systems within our bodies that perceive our own state.
For example, the wounds of the body will make us feel pain, and we will feel our heartbeat when the amount of exercise increases.
It can be said that there is also a sensory system inside the body, but in most cases, most of the attention will be called by the external sensory system, and only when we feel that the external system is closed, we can concentrate on the inside of the body.
When our ancestors practiced, they emphasized that “into the silence” should be “closed”, that is, to isolate the interference from the outside world, so as to fully mobilize their internal sensory system. This is why people who practice qigong should close their eyes, close their ears, or even fight.The seat is to focus on the feeling inside.
Anyone who has practiced Qigong knows that when a person is in a state of calm, he or she concentrates on a certain part of the body. It does not feel like being surrounded by a warm gas, sometimes in the body.There is no warm current that sometimes feels, so we think we have found the gas, but in fact we feel the body wrapped in our nervous system.

What do older couples need to be psychologically compatible?

What do older couples need to be psychologically compatible?

A pair of elderly couples love and respect each other.

An important reason for their mutual respect and love is psychological compatibility, mutual respect and love, mutual trust and understanding.

So, how can older couples be psychologically compatible?

Throughout the experience of loving couples, it can be summarized into three points: the psychological “helping” into the old man’s attempt to stay in the old days can give spiritual support and life care, which is irreplaceable by other relatives.

When one side is troubled and depressed due to physiological changes or certain accidents, the other side’s psychological “help” and life care will make the other party spiritually comforted.

When the other party is sick, it is necessary to use the language of care to ask about the condition and encourage the other party to overcome the confidence of the disease. It should overcome the psychological pressure of the other party and bring him to the hospital in time.

If the other party encounters unpleasant things such as losing money, missing the damaged items, etc., avoid blame and blame, but try to appease to reduce the psychological burden.

When the elderly encounter troubles, they always want to find someone to complain about it. As soon as they spit, the object of this catharsis is of course the ideal of their own wife.

Therefore, either side biases the other party’s heart fracture or is annoying, but should actively accept the other party’s catharsis, and counsel, guide, and relieve their inner pain.

  Psychologically “preserving” elderly couples tend to be more realistic and lacking in romance in the daily life of the year and year, and to maintain the plainness while satisfying the status quo, the so-called “old feelings are less than light.”

Therefore, both sides must continue to create charm to continue to attract each other and to meet each other’s needs of love and sex.

Appreciate more in the daily life, and appreciate each other, such as “You are beautiful in wearing this dress”, “You are very good today”, etc., so that the other party feels your concern for him, and maintains the charm of the opposite sex for you.
A healthy and harmonious sex life is an important part of the husband’s psychological “preservation”.

Older couples often cause sexual disability due to a decline in sexual function. The other side will take care and appease, and discuss ways to better suit their own sexuality, so as not to lose sight of old age.

Older couples should pay more attention to their desires, and maintain mutual and emotional life with mutual attention and mutual support.

The late centenarian Zhang Xueliang was in love with Ms. Zhao Yizhen’s love, and she transformed the tree of life into evergreen.

Zhang Xueliang once wrote poems: “Because the heroes of the ancient times are more lascivious, they may not be heroic. I am not a hero, but I am a hero.

“Seeing the deep love of him and Ms. Zhao Yizhen, perhaps this is one of the magical powers of his longevity miracle in his adversity.

  Psychologically “run-in” couples’ personality, hobbies and living habits are not exactly the same. They can only adapt to each other if they “run in” under the inevitable confrontation.

We should respect and allow each other to have their own unique interests and hobbies, properly meet each other’s psychological needs, and conditionally participate in the activities of the other party and share the fun.

Xia and his wife wrote poems together and shared their interests and language.

At the same time, we should fully understand and abide by each other’s living habits, love their own, and respect them.

An old couple, one is from Zhejiang and the other is from Heilongjiang; one likes to eat rice and one likes to eat pasta.

They experienced a long-term “run-in”, constantly changing their habits, eating a variety of foods from the South and the North, and spent most of their lives in harmony.

Older couples should pay attention to emotional communication, so that the process of “run-in” becomes a process of emotional interaction and deepening.