[Children eat snakes well]_Children_Can you eat

[Children eat snakes well]_Children_Can you eat

[Children eat snakes well]_Children_Can you eat

Snake is one of the zodiac signs, and it is also a very common animal. It is poisonous and non-poisonous. It is often heard that it is a cobra snake.

People in many areas like to eat snakes, and there are many ways to eat snakes. In Guangdong, there is a famous dish called snake chrysanthemum, which is made of snake meat as a material. It is famous for its delicious taste.

There is nothing wrong with adults eating snake meat, so how about children eating snakes?

First, method: 1 water snake soup efficacy: rheumatism, spleen appetizer, qi and blood.

It is suitable for rheumatic bone pain, joint swelling and pain in the waist and knees caused by the external attack of winter cold and cold, or indigestion caused by weak stomach qi, reduced diet, fatigue, constipation, etc. It has many effects and is very effective.

In addition, snake soup can detoxify, snake soup can use detoxification, chronic cholecystitis is negative. If you have more toxins in your body, this is still a bit useful. Snake soup can expel excess toxins in the body, reduce skin and make the skin delicate.,smooth.

3The snake soup is rich in protein and a lot of trace elements, so you can usually eat more to help supplement the nutrition in the body. For boys, eating snake soup can also penetrate the good aphrodisiac effect. When cooking snake soup,You can also send some black fungus appropriately, this can also have the effect of nourishing blood.

Second, the baby’s long sister-in-law recommends not to drink snake soup, which can be treated by other methods.

The child refers to a skin disease caused by poor sweating in the summer. See “Preparation for Clinical Certificate of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, which is scabies.

Child is the most common acute skin inflammation in summer.

The child is caused by perforation of sweat holes, and it usually occurs in the neck, chest and back, elbow socket, popliteal socket, etc. Children can occur in the head, forehead and other places.

At first, the skin becomes red, and then needle-sized red pimples or pimples appear, which are densely packed into tablets, some of which are purulent.

After the birth of the sister-in-law, itching, pain, and sometimes even hot burning pain.

In summer, the temperature is high, excessive sweat is secreted, sweat sweat is not evaporated, and sweat holes are blocked. Sometimes sweat glands are still secreting sweat, so the sweat accumulated in the epidermal sweat tube increases the pressure in the sweat tube, causing the sweat tube to swell and rupture, and the sweat overflowsPenetrating into the surrounding tissue, there are many small needle-sized blisters under the skin, forming cripples.

Babies’ rash is also prone to eczema. The former is temporary, sometimes chronic and repetitive. There are often yellow leaks after scratching, which may occur all year round, often recurring or exacerbating in winter.

In addition, eczema can occur anywhere.

Third, note: Of course, there are a lot of nutrition in snake soup, but do n’t eat it randomly. Some snakes are rich in toxicity. Do not eat them. In addition, different snake soups have different effects and functions.